More Than Just About Web Design

So, it’s been a while since I have blogged. I must admit I’m not great at blogging, even though I tell my customers to do it (allot) as it helps with SEO. But, I struggle with finding something to blog about, as I expect many others do.  So, with that in mind, I’m going to use my blog to talk about more than web design.  I’ll add in stuff about web design and other helpful bits to my blog as and when I find it, but it will also contain things about what I am up to, in my quest to earn more and get our house finished. Hope you will find it somewhat interesting.

I’m always coming up with loads of ideas to “get rich quick” and they usually fail, or if they’re not successful overnight I get bored. I am not great at having nothing to do and I get really fidgety and think of something to busy my time with.

Lately that has been…

1. Starting a market stall selling “pretty” vintage style stuff I’d love to keep – Yep! Totally NOT web design but hey ho it was a whim I followed and I can’t be sure for how long, so watch this space. If it doesn’t sell I have some lovely gifts for the next few years for birthdays and Christmas!

2. Making soap. It’s wasn’t fun and I have decided I don’t want to make anymore, I’d rather buy what someone else made! Mine smelt horrible and I don’t think my husband would appreciate me making it agin in his Mum’s old slow cooker (that he always wants me to cook a meal in).

3. (Keeping in the spirit of art and design with this one) Making signs!! I must admit, I do love to do this, but it’s not going to be a massive earner, more of a hobby (while I am excited about it)!  I’ve made some room signs for my family for christmas, a sign for our house and some quotes like “Caution: Free Range Children” I’m keeping that one! I have to admit I wasn’t one for quotes on the wall of my house, but seeing as I can make anything I like, they’re beginning to grow on me.

4. (Also keeping in the spirit of art and design) Making cards! I love this one too and have put them on Etsy and sell made to order and already sold 1 on there (so exciting! although I found I had run out of stock to make the first one with (idiot!)) and 2 through my stall!! They’re a bit cheeky, but make me smile and the hopefully the 3 other people who have bought them!!

My house is also in a constant state of repair (for those of you who don’t know, we have a old farmhouse that needs EVERYTHING doing to it). Last november we have had a new roof and in march secondary glazing and this aug a new boiler (now we are on gas) and with a little bit of money left over we want to move the kitchen into another room (we had the plumbing for a sink and gas oven added in to that other room when the boiler was done). So the kitchen will be done next, on a shoe string! I’ll blog about it!

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